TELMU Microscopes for Students Adults, 40X-1000X Compound Monocular Microscope




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13.40 x 11.10 x 6.70 Inches



About this item

It’s one of the best science toys for kids and one of the most educational and fun gifts!

There is a world out there that is all around us and microscopes give us the ability to see the invisible and learn some amazing things about this world and others.

The goal for TELMU compound microscope is to be the ultimate source for any information on microscopes and microbiology for fun or scientific inquiry.

【5 Magnification Setting】The Compound Monocular Microscope comes with objectives 4x, 10x, 40x with eyepieces 10x, 25x giving optical microscope 5 Magnification Levels – 40x, 100x, 250x, 400x and 1000x, making even the smallest details crystal clear.

【 Dual Illumination System】The microscope for adults features built-in dual LED illumination. The bottom lighting is for the thin and/or transparent specimens. The opaque or solid subjects that cannot be viewed by transmitted light can be studied by top lighting.(LED light source is powered by 3 1.5v AA batteries, excluding batteries).

【High Class Material】Metal base and sturdy handle framework won’t make microscope shake.

【Coaxial Coarse/Fine Focus Controls】A focusing system with both the coarse and fine focusing knobs mounted on the same axis so you can easily switch from using the coarse focus adjustment knob to using the fine focus adjustment, does not have to grope for a different knob.

【Sharing In Real Time】The compound microscope built to allow students to examine their specimens at a comfortable posture with a 45° ocular angle. And a phone holder, making share in real time a breeze.

【Practical Educational Tool】The microscope is ideal for students beginning and expanding their skills in the world of microscopy. It has all the professional-level features they’d need to make their skills transferable, should they decide to pursue post-secondary education in the sciences. Great for school, laboratory or home teaching, one-on-one instruction.

Product Description

  • Magnification: 40-1000X
  • Eyepiece: wide angle WF10X, WF25X
  • Power: powered by 3 1.5v AA batteries, excluding batteries
  • Objective lens: achromatic 4X, 10X, 40X
  • Light source: LED lighting with brightness adjustment


  • 1 x TELMU Microscope
  • 1 x WF10X Eyepiece
  • 1 x WF25X Eyepiece
  • 10 x Microscope Sliders
  • 1 x Storage Box
  • 1 x User Manual

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