Rockler Circle Cutting Jig for Compact Routers

Product Description

Brand: Rockler

Weight: 1.560000

TypeCircle: Cutting



Our new Circle Cutting Jig for Trim Routers allows you to use the new crop of compact, plunge-style trim routers to cut circles from 6” to 36” in diameter! Compact and lightweight, it’s the ideal jig to use in small shops or on the jobsite. It sets up in minutes, and is predrilled to mount to popular trim routers from Porter Cable, DeWalt, and Bosch. And since it’s made of 1/4” phenolic, you can easily drill holes to fit any router. Includes two center pivot pins for routing perfect circles: one sharp one, which is used for soft woods, and one blunt one, which is used if your design allows for drilling a center hole. A routed channel in the jig lets you slide the center pivot pin up or down the length of the jig to match the exact diameter of your circle. Use the 4-star knob to tighten the T-bolt with the center pivot pin installed and you’re ready to rout!


  • Helps you cut flawless circles
  • Fast, easy math-free setup
  • Fully adjustable, slide the center pivot pin up or down the length of the jig to rout circles from 6″ to 36″ in diameter
  • Features a tough, long-lasting 1/4″ phenolic core
  • Includes two center pivot pins for different routing applications (one has a sharp point for holding steady in soft wood, use the other if you’re willing to drill a center hole)
  • Includes a T-bolt with 4-star tightening knob to tighten the center pivot pin to the jig for worry-free, no-slip routing
  • Includes hardware to mount any one of a variety of routers to the jig


Predrilled for the following routers:

  • DeWalt DWP611PK
  • Porter-Cable 450PK
  • Bosch Colt PR20EVSPK

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