BESSEY KRE3550, 50 In, Parallel Clamp, K Body REVO Series

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  • Well Thought Out – Ergonomically formed 2-component handle with steel socket for applying force with a hex key or driver when desired (max. torque 17 Nm).
  • Simple Set Up with Powerful Operation – Secure nominal clamping force up to 1700 lbs. Operating jaw stays where you put it for easy set up. Position where you like and apply clamping force.
  • Strong, Precise & Gentle – Capable of high strength with nominal 90 degree clamping. Non-marring pads and rail protection pieces serve to protect the workpiece from unnecessary marks.
  • Cold Drawn Steel Rail Bar – Produced and tested with consistently high quality and the utmost precision in cutting-edge facilities.
  • Large Clamping Surfaces – Clamping surfaces are oversized and distribute clamping force evenly. Three removable pressure caps are repellent to glue, and resistant to paint and grease solvents.

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The large jaw faces are an easily recognizable characteristic of the BESSEY K Body parallel and case clamps. They allow strong, precise and gentle clamping and spreading of workpieces. Thanks to their extra-large contact surfaces, the original BESSEY K Body REVO parallel clamp and the lightweight UniKlamp case clamp distribute clamping force evenly even when being used at high clamping forces. Cabinetmakers, Carpenters, Joiners and Kitchen fitters all benefit from the use of parallel jaw clamps because they are ideal for clamping large areas without damaging the material. When In use parallel clamps provide very accurate clamping support and are ideal for many applications including furniture making, restoration, cabinet construction, and holding large panels and frames in place when gluing. BESSEY offers the unique K Body REVO parallel clamp in two versions – with fixed (KRE) or sliding upper section (KREV) – each with a range of openings up to 2.5 meters. Both of these versions offer up to a nominal 90 degrees of clamping capability and 1700 lbs of everyday clamping force. Another advantage of the K Body REVO clamps is that they have additional workpiece supports on the rail that prevent the workpiece from coming into contact with the rail and being damaged. This also allows the clamps to be placed on the workbench and then used as a glue press. Further, the sliding clamp can also be converted to a spreading function without the need for tools, and there are also a number of accessories available. BESSEY. Simply better

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  1. Patrick Tomeny (verified owner)

    Product is good, but description for the K-Body End clip is wrong: they are not a “pack of 2” as the quantity says. Order 1 and you will get 1 end clip.

  2. pdwilkersn (verified owner)

    I can only see a couple uses for this. When using long clamps the KP blocks on small pieces, you can slide this and the other jaw towards the center to balance the clamp so it doesn’t tip out of the KP blocks. The other is if you lose the plastic end support it, you could balance the weight the same way.

  3. Nicole M. Tankovich (verified owner)

    These are small, as one reviewer noted. However, that was JUST what I needed. I scored a used pasta roller for $8 at a local used stuff shop (similar to this one Tosnail Pasta Maker/Roller Machine Made of Heavy Duty Stainless Steel – 2 Blades – Great for Making Spaghetti, Angel Hair – Plastic Grip Hand Crank ), but the clamp was missing.
    Replacement clamps marketed for that specific purpose are ridiculously over priced (I could just buy a new machine and clamp!), so I started shopping around the hardware section.

  4. Paul R. (verified owner)

    I’ve done a lot of woodworking (advanced hobbyist) for the last 50 years. I’ve always found my Bessey clamps to be top of the line and these parallel K body clamps are no exception. I’ve tried my favorite woodworking store’s knock-off versions on occasion to save some $$ and generally found they just don’t measure up. The Besseys stay aligned and clamp down with the kind of force I need when gluing up a table top. I used these 40 inch clamps to glue up the leg assemblies for a new workbench I just built. They were just what I needed and they worked as expected.
    I happily recommend these clamps to you if you’re looking for top notch K body clamps.