Adjustable Table Leg Set (Set of 4 Legs)

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Set your table to the exact height you want it—great for shared work stations, kids and adults!



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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

  1. Wayne Paterson (verified owner)

    Legs seem like they could be sturdy if all the parts were shipped. One piece missing, one foot broken, no screws to attach the two pieces sent. Two of the legs were already rusty.
    Update: After only three months, Rockler sent replacement parts which were perfect, and everything was included. So I’m upping my rating to three stars, and a warning: inspect your order carefully, and return it immediately if anything is missing.

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  2. joan1942 (verified owner)

    i was going to buy 4 hairpin legs for a kitchen table and the day i was ready to order them they went from 70.00-90.00 dollars plus 10.00 shipping in one day and said to my self hect with those legs trying to get expensive.then i looked and found these legs for 69.99 and free shipping and these are great solid steel legs.i am really happy with these.better than those hairpin legs.

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  3. A. Pastor (verified owner)

    Everything seemed to be square and the legs attached to the table easily. However, the hex screw to set the height for the legs was extremely difficult to install. It seemed like the threads had rust or pain on them and the screw would just not go in. I used my own allen wrench because I could not get leverage to tighten to where it needed to be. I even bent my allen wrench trying to tighten it.

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  4. nak5ive (verified owner)

    One star for appearance. I really like the clean look.
    Another star for strength. The adjustable set screw really locks this thing down.
    And the third star for price.

    But it has to stop there. As another commenter mentioned, these things are not square. At. All. And it’s clear that it is not intentional as each leg has it’s own unique lean to it. Depending on your application, you might not care, but for a table with exposed legs at almost full extension, it’s very noticeable. And these things are spot welded, so there’s no adjusting. I’m not even able to rotate each leg to give them an equal lean. Also, rotating is really out of the question as the style of this leg requires a uniform orientation. Consider the pictures I included. They show 2 of the legs, each taken from 2 angles.

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  5. Mom2five (verified owner)

    Bought theses legs to support a desk that needed to have adjustable height. They arrived way sooner than expected, which was great! However, one base plate was bent, but still usable due to there being six screws for each leg included in the box. I just left that one off and don’t think it effects the sturdiness. The biggest problem came when we tried to insert the set pins for the adjustable legs. The pins are WAY TOO TIGHT! After tightening, and loosing multiple times, getting the pin in a little farther each time, and applying WD-40, we were finally able to get the pins in enough to secure the legs. The welding on one pin insert did break loose, but it was still usable. If it wasn’t needed so soon I would have returned them. I wish I had held out for the matching IKEA legs that I have used in the past, but have been out of stock for several weeks.

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  6. Ben Holz (verified owner)

    Working from home so much, I’ve realized my desk is just a bit too high for long use. So I ordered these adjustable legs which looked like they would do the trick.
    However, they arrived with the internals of the tubing rusted. You can see the packaging was filled with rust residue. This would not have been a total loss, but the provided Allen screws which go into the outer tube and secure the inner tube at the correct height would not tighten properly into the rusted tubing. I tried oiling the screws a bit, but to no avail. They went in partly, but not deep enough to screw into the hole of the inner leg. So, the legs were useless.

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